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We bought the Fastbay module just over 3 months ago. Today it came to my attention when a customer called that their order is 'stuck' and didn't ship. Upon logging into our eBay account there are several 'stuck' orders.

I've tried reaching out to Prestalia but they have so far been incredibly unhelpful. 

I think the problem occurs when an eBay customer selects a shipping method other than the basic free shipping. I can't find anywhere in the module to map shipping methods in eBay to shipping methods in Fastbay. 

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Thanks in anticipation,


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Prestalia has been a nightmare for us as well, probably the only bad support experience I've had on any module.   I pointed out to them that their module should reflect the changing realities on the marketplaces, specifically that we should have carrier mapping between the marketplace ship methods and the Prestashop ones.  They blew me off.

Anyway enough whining.  We worked around this issue by getting a module to allow us to change the shipping method on those stuck orders.

Change carrier v1.7.5 - by Agencya

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