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Massive problems with new installtion - Internal Server Error when accessing to BO, no pictures on Frontpage

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I freshly installed Prestashop on my server. On my server Prestashop works fine, I can just install it via the interface of the hoster.

The update to Prestashop with the 1-click modul didnt work. Neither with the version from the marketplace, nor with the beta version from github.

So, I deleted this installation and tried to install PS

The installation process just finishes normal. But when I try to access the frontpage, there are many images missing (see screenshot). Also if I replace an image with another image, it still doesnt work.

When I try to access the BO, I just get the internal server error. Nothing more. Activating the debug mode via FTP was not working. I set it in the defines.inc.php file but I got the same Internal Server Error. 


So, after digging into this problem and searching through this great board for a solution, I found out, that there might be a problem with the .htaccess file of the admin folder: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/909265-error-500-while-installing-1743/?do=findComment&comment=2994820

So I just marked the section as a comment:

# <IfModule mod_negotiation.c>
#    #Options -MultiViews
# </IfModule>

I also thought that the problem with the images might be the same, but in this .htaccess file there was no such lines. So I just deactivated the .htaccess file by renaming it to backup.htaccess.

Now everything works.



I just think that there might be a huge security problem. Could somebody help me and tell me, how else I could solve my problem and what the reason is? 

I am quite lost to be honest and I need to get this shop running. 


Kind regards,




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