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AFFILIATE Solution with Custom Rewards


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I am new to Prestashop. I feel like i traveled all the web for an answer but couldn't find it so i thought i'd come here.

I'd like to know how to add an affiliate type module where i could reward sponsors (customers that brought other customers) with something else than discounts on orders or money but instead Coupons coming from other websites/businesses. If it is impossible, could i instead make rewards as "points" so that when i see a user having say like 10 points i'll send him manually a coupon by mail. I'd much more prefer the first solution.

Thanks a lot !

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If you are going to send the voucher manually, who prevents to do it? The module of the any affiliate program can charge in anything: money, points, credits. But when an affiliate orders a withdraw, you clear its balance and send him the voucher code. Of course, initially it needs to be described in the rules. You can try my affiliate programm module: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/product.php?id_product=7270


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