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GDPR and social media chat


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There is a JavaScript offered by https://whatshelp.io/widget that enables customers to contact you through Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook chat.

Now I don't see this script compliant with GDPR. I mean you can't control the privacy when customers contact you. Info is as well being stored by these companies you as you use their service.

Even more important there is no pop-up message, for the user to read the consent and allow.

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There are some recent articles specially from Teamwire which is a social app like Whatsapp etc. but they say they are GDPR compliant while blaming all others not to be:


And further saying using Whatsapp to interact with your customers goes against GDPR as you don't have the authority to remove and delete messages and resources if the user ask for it, simply they belong to WhatsApp.

Contradiction here is:

  1. The chat doesn't take place on your site, it's only a JavaScript plugin that redirects you to WhatApp or Facebook Messenger...
    1. So does social icons, which all companies have on their site. A social Instagram icon for example, you click it it opens Instagram, where you have the opportunity to chat.
  2. You have both accepted the social apps terms, so that rules out that YOU solely should be in charge of the chat history, you are not, because the user that has WhatsApp installed accepted that WhatsApp owns his history and to that, the JavaScript is not asking user to install WhatsApp when he clicks on the icon.

Now GDRP says you need to have ownership of everything with your customers. Doesn't make sense. So no company can then use Instagram, have a Facebook page...

What's your take on this?

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