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Im trying to add dynamically a product but i don't manage. My main issue is that i am able to add it to the database but i can never see it displayed neither in the frontend nor in the admin part. Also when i do insert it through the admin part, in the database the column "indexed" in the table "ps_product" is true, but when i do by code always false although i put the member class of the Product class to true.

Any idea?

Here is my code:

Note: the manufacturer, supplier and category i put harcoded the ones prestashop added me by default

$product = new Product();

$product->name = "test book";
$product->price = "10";
$product->indexed = true;

if ($product->add())

And in here in theory my product is added, appears in the database but never anywhere in the website...

Thanks in advance.

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