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HOw to Display CATEGORY name?


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Hi Guys! I need help on how to display the current category name on a certain tpl file. I mean im using another module and i want to display the category on top of its block.

On the image i try to put it on top before the CLEAR ALL BUTTON but inside that block. Its not the categories block by the way and its on a different .tpl file thats why i was having problem on what variable i call to display it out.

I hope you could help me on this problem guys.



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look at the code from blockcategories hookLeftColumn:

       $this->currentCategoryId = NULL;
       if (isset($_GET['id_category']))
           $cookie->last_visited_category = intval($_GET['id_category']);
           $this->currentCategoryId = intval($_GET['id_category']);
       if (isset($_GET['id_product']))
           if (!isset($cookie->last_visited_category) OR !Product::idIsOnCategoryId(intval($_GET['id_product']), array('0' => array('id_category' => $cookie->last_visited_category))))
               $product = new Product(intval($_GET['id_product']));
               if (isset($product) AND Validate::isLoadedObject($product))
                   $cookie->last_visited_category = intval($product->id_category_default);
           $this->currentCategoryId = intval($cookie->last_visited_category);

if your module is hooked after blockcategories you may use intval($cookie->last_visited_category) for id_category
if before (or you want it to be independent) - use above code.

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