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Beware of the Webkul development company webkul.com

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I wanted to comment on my bad experience after being tricked by this company twice.


It all started in the quest to improve my projects by adding a cart in one step. I had already worked with other similar modules but I decided to buy the webkul, because it looked simple and effective.




If you access the module at first sight, it seems all right, 4 positive ratings, good images and descriptions.

You can try a demo in which everything also seems correct, they have a very simple logistical configuration with only one carrier and nothing to think about what would happen later.


I buy the module and install it in a new project with great enthusiasm. We quickly find the first flaws and from webkul agree to gently solve them. We asked him politely if they think to create a new version correcting these failures and they say no, that they will do it in the future.


We also corrected some minor faults to which we did not give importance because since they would not update the module we would have to live with these overwritten libraries.



After three months, when the webkul support was over. We realized that the module had two very serious failures.


During all the years that I have been in the community, I bought modules that had errors and helped their owners sharing the solution they had made. All development can have small mistakes, we are human, but this is another level.

The first serious error is to show the carriers for the selected shipping area (taking into account the country and the state of the current address) and show the country carrier price by default of the store. They all showed the same price. This failure could only be realized when we expanded the number of carriers.



After a few hours, we solved this problem and told him how to correct it so that they could take it into account in new versions.


When everything seemed solved, but not much less.


The next day they call us saying that when a client chose a carrier, the cart was not updated with the new transport price, we did not give credit. We checked the store and this happened. Therefore, the module does not fulfill its purpose. Customers left the cart and there were many losses, some sent us messages warning of this error, but many others simply left the web.


After many hours and nerves, we consider it impossible to solve this problem and we get in touch with the provider, in this case webkul.

We contacted them on October 27 to get a solution and today, November 15, they still do not fix the problem.


They did not demand to pay 6 months of additional support to be able to review and resolve the ruling. We initially refused as we think that this company has committed negligence selling a module that does not work. They hide that in 3 months you have enough time to see if there are faults in the module. We also believe this but we would never sell a development with failures as serious as they knew.



Finally after many messages and time spent, in a gesture of goodwill we pass a version with the allegedly corrected rulings. This version continues with the same faults and in our opinion they add buttons for the client to add their address (something they will not do) and appear horrible red messages that will make customers do not buy directly in our store.



We warn you that the new version still has the same faults and that we will not update to this version. They tell us that they will fix our version if we pay for the support. We access and pay for the support. Again, we make the same mistake in trusting this company. They do not want to solve the problem and they ask us to pay for them to fix the error. This seems like a joke.


We only want to warn future clients that first take into account that if they are going to buy this module they will lose many hours of their valuable time in fixing it and that they will not take charge of solving it themselves.
They are very kind in dealing with people, but the technical service is disastrous and the development is worse.



I put them in negative comment in the module, I never used to do this because I also devote myself to the development and electronic commerce but this time I have found myself in the obligation after everything they have made us go through. We will have to change the module and adapt the store again.



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many bugs and not version 1.2 on https://store.webkul.com/CS-Cart-Product-Badges.html


I bought this addon from Webkul, Order: 100072007 From 5/10/2019

the add-on is not fully functional and some functions as are described on their site, on product page, are not working, has a lot of bugs (even on CS-Cart v 4.9.x - as is in SPECIFICATION, with last Service Pack from cs-cart.com):

1. you cannot put the label (badge) on product image thumbnails (product page), if you do so, the image disappears !
- label text (badge) is working only on product list thumbnails or category thumbnails !

The text badge is partial function, only for variant: Show On: "Product List Page"

If you select, on Settings
Show On:
Everywhre or Product Details Page
The image of product will disappear after a second !

2. you cannot wrap the text as you as you will see in Settings - Preview

In Backend, on Product badge - Settings - Position: Middle Center - Badge Type: Text

The text appear like wrap text, but in Frontend the text appear in line!

3. on your product page appear the version 1.2 but when install, the add-on is version 1.1 !

the downloaded name kit is " CS-Cart Product Badges_V_1.2 "; but when is install appear the name:

"Product Badge
Adds custom Badges to products in your store.
Versiune 1.1 Webkul"

by the way, 1.1 is not v1.2 !

I have tried many times to solve these bugs ans issues:
ticket id: #127340: "... Please provide your budget for the task your need and also the issues if you have any but in the default features of the add-on ..."

ticket Id #128621: "... to extend and pay for the support period ..."

although the product was not as described and later I discovered these issues.

I lost only $ 39, also I lost a lot of time testing this add-on, a lot of time with tickets and explanations, I didn't solve anything, but in the end I gained another life experience!
I will never buy from this seller again !

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Same experience here... low quality support, faulty code and you never get the money back - they just say that they would do the fixes what never will happen. We bought several modules and we always experienced the same issues.

In this forum we had a discussion with a moderator evolved stating that he would recommend avoiding Webkul (or you must reprogram bought solutions on your own what we did). This discussion was deleted by Prestashop and Webkul.

Also, we learnt that Prestashop seems more supportive to programmers in general than to their customers buying the solutions. We learnt in several cases that Prestashop didn't refund the money for faulty modules. Prestashop just keept saying that the programmer would need to agree on a refund what is totally wrong on any low in any country on this planet and also not fitting to Prestashop's T&Cs. There it's said differently (refund after three months and no resolved solution). This is annoying as well as fake reviews indeed.

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