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Bulk order collation


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We have a product called ‘Whatever Sweatshirt’

We are allowing customers to place individual orders over a period of time prior to bulk processing the order

Is there any way of finding how many orders there currently are for 'Whatever Sweatshirt’

We also need to retrieve each order details (colour, size, buyer, user-specific customisation data)

…in order to bulk invoice our supplier

Any thoughts much appreciated

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I was looking for a module that could do this type of work.

i. Look at all current 'open' orders

ii. Collate each suppliers products from the current 'open' orders

iii. Produce a pdf for each suppliers showing the products on the current 'open' orders

Obviously some tinkering would need to be done with the details of the module - like where the supplier orders are saved in the database (new table required) and so on.

The only freely available module is, of course, built by a Frenchman. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/89304/appels_doffres_et_prestations/module_orders_suppliers_generez_des_commandes_a_vos_fournisseurs

While it is a great module you have to have all of your orders printed in front of you before you go through it to create your purchase order, which can be time consuming.

Until a fully automated supplier orders version arrives this is definitely the best free module I can find, just use google translate to change all the french to english.



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