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Diego Crosseling product detail

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My product detail page has a crosselling product carousel, theme developers told me it's based on PS_CROSSELLING so i'm posting this here. 

The issue, at least for what i could understand by testing, is that it has something to do with the template/cache.

Extract of the template code:





pl_grid_layout is set to 1, im sure of this looking at the HTML code + theme setting, so inside product-minature-1 i have this: 

{block name='product_add_cart'}
   {include file='catalog/_partials/miniatures/_partials/product-miniature-btn.tpl' nocache}


Looks like that if i leave it like this,everything works fine (see attachments, i can see all the carousel product detail info (title,description,stars). If i remove nocache

and i have active cache setting in backend (see screenshots) then only the first product has all the info, the following one has not even generated HTML for those parts. Looking at the compiled smarty file i can say that changing that "nocache" actually change what is generated drastically. 

Another way to make this work is to simply disable cache in backend setting, but since it's a production webiste with some decent traffic i would like to keep cache enabled and find a solution for this.

I couldn't find any way to debug this, enabling debug mode, forcing php to show errors, looking at server log didn't help in any way,


Any suggestion/fix for this?





Prestashop: (migrated form an old 1.6.x if it can help understand something with MigrationPro)

Theme: warehouse 4.1.7

Schermata 2018-11-05 alle 16.10.05.png

Schermata 2018-11-05 alle 16.10.19.png

Schermata 2018-11-05 alle 16.10.32.png

Schermata 2018-11-05 alle 16.11.05.png

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Hello, did you find a solution to this error?



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Hello @psg,

We no longer work for that customer but from what i can remember (this post is 1y old eheh) we didn't find any fix for that, i guess we had to leave that "nocache" in the template inclusion part but we never found the real reason behind that behaviour


Hope you have better luck,


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