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Simplified/filtered invoice


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New to Prestashop from Opencart and (I know I don't need to say this) ... loving it.

I am trying to set-up a "customised clothing" shop for specific groups eg. clubs/schools etc and one of the attractions of Prestashop was the customer text input option where customers can add their nickname etc.

I need to be able to produce a simplified invoice/worksheet to send to the embroiderers for production of sold garments.
The invoice/worksheet needs to contain the following:

1 The products ordered by a group with colour and size details - preferably filtered by product name rather than customer group as not all customers join the correct group.
2 The user input data (eg. the customers desired 'nickname' to be printed on the garment).
- and that's it!

I have explored two avenues - exporting CSV filtered by either customer group or (preferably) filtered by unique product name but I can't find anything which filters by these fields and secondly the CSV export modules I have found don't include the user input field. Secondly, by way of SQL Buddy and php sql queries - but - there doesn't appear to be just one data table with all the info I need and neither do the customised data and order detail tables appear to have an obvious relationship.

Obvious question .... can anyone help???

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