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Repay Shipping Costs.


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I recently noticed a problem when refunding some products from an order. Normallly, you would check the "Refund" checkbox, specify the quantity, check "Generate a credit slip" and "Repay shipping costs" options.

When I need to cancel an entire order including every product that is part of that order... I would check the "Repay shipping costs" option, and when the Credit Slip is generated it would show all the products being refunded plus the entire shipping costs. So essentially it shows the full amount being refunded. In this case this works perfectly.

However, here is the problem... what if I want to cancel just 1 product from that order. But the difference in costs normally would charge a different (usually lower) shipping rate? If I check the "Repay shipping costs" options it doesn't repay only the difference, but the entire shipping cost.

IE. Lets say $0 to $14.99 would result in a shipping cost of $5; and $15 to 24.99 would charge a shipping cost of $7.

We receive an order for 2 products.. each worth $10. So the total amount for this order would be $20 with a shipping cost of $7 (a $27 total). But the customer only wants one and would like us to cancel 1 of the products. So this would result in a total amount of $10 plus shipping. Here is where the problem occurs... if I choose the "Repay shipping costs" options the credit slip that is generated to the customer will show that the entire $7 is refunded to them, and all they have to pay is $10 for the item without any shipping costs. If I do NOT choose this option, the customer gets charged $7 in shipping fees when they should only be charged $5 for the order total of $15 (not $10 or $17).

Is there any way to have PS calculate the difference in the shipping costs without repaying all of it... PS should determine the final amount after the product refunds, and then determine the shipping costs for the new total amount and then take the difference (if any) for the original shipping cost and only refund back that difference. Any way to do this??!


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