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Hi ,

I am newbie in prestashop I created a module for product enquiry. In that module I have created a controller to display the grid view in the  enquiry tab in Back office. But when  I am opening Enquiry tab in admin panel  it's giving me the following error(screenshot attached). I am also attaching my controller named AdminEnquiryController.php  for refrence. apart from this can any one let me know, Is $this->fields_list will display the grid view automatically or do I need to implement this(if yes then how?)5bdafdd4bea40_Screenshotfrom4.thumb.png.c62c1bccfa0f9490d17fddc34453dd7e.pngScreenshot1.png.865398dc4da0edfa1531f0ad09d7feff.png

I am stucking in this, couldn't find solution. Thanks in advance,please help.

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Hi, I got the answer i was doing the mistake in public function init()  method. I was doing a silly mistake to calling parent::__contruct(); instead of  parent::init(); . Secont point is that I need to implement my db query when with grid view the problem will be resolved


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