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PrestaShop - few notes


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Just downloaded PS We have compared all changes with and we have found following:

1) our bug report #7268 wasn't fixed completely (only for items in order not for items in cart)

2) our bug report #6945 mentioned as fixed in CHANGELOG shouldn't be there (it is PayPal 2.1 module related bug)

3) One of the most important bugfix was not applied: [Fix] Quantity Discounts do not work properly (BUGS 6792 & 6827).
Why? We have been contacted by Fabien Serny from PS dev team regarding this bug and that was the reason why we created this thread with fix. It wasn't easy to extract it from our sources... We would appreciate to include this fix in next release (as well as many PS users which are contacting us and asking for help how to include this fix, because this bug is really annoying).

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