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Afterpay Token Generation Failure

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Hi, I'm new here and don't know a lot about web development or codes.

I've installed the Afterpay module and it has uploaded fine except when I go through the purchase process.

When I click Afterpay as the payment, this appears on the screen "Afterpay Token Generation Failure. Please contact Website Administrator".

I downloaded the module from an Afterpay merchant and I've contacted them and they have sent me some troubleshooting options;

  1. The file in question is afterpay/controllers/front/validation.php - Line number 79
  2. Line 80 handles the Order Token Creation
  3. If unsuccessful, line 90 displays the error that Creating My life 4 Me is currently experiencing.


As it is a live instance, Afterpay support is limited due to security and privacy concerns. As the SAT was successful, the recommendation is to confirm parity with the development instance.

I do not know what I'm supposed to change to correct this. I've also attached a screenshot of the suggested lines that may contain the error from the recommended file. 

Can someone please help me? Thank you in advance.

Afterpay Token Error.png

Afterpay error.png

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Hi Renee!

Did you ever come across a solution to your issue? We're experiencing the same problems, however, they occur intermittently. So we're a bit unsure why some orders are going through and others aren't.

Would love to hear how you went!

- Tania

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Hi Tania,

Sounds odd but it turns out there was an error with a picture I had uploaded on my website.

The photo was corrupt and took longer to upload than the others, I didn’t think anything of it at the time but had a developer look at it and that’s the only problem they found.

Once I deleted the photo Afterpay started working properly.

Hope this helps.



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