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How to delete contact form from my site Prestashop 1.5?

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Can anybody explain me how to de-activate or how to delete the contact form from my website and also how to delete the line " contact us" from the footer ? I'm under Prestashop 1.5

If I deleted "contact" from the SEO & URL menu, the line "contact us" will still stay in the footer and when you click it, you'll get an 404 error page. That's not want I want, because Google doesn't like error pages. I just want to completely delete the contact form from my site, because I'm being innondated with messages coming from Russia. Clients will however still be able to contact us via the e-mail address that also mentionned in the footer.

Many thanks

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14 hours ago, [email protected] said:

Thanks Joseantgv, but I don't know how to override ContactController and I can't find how to remove the link from the footer. Would you be able to give me a little bit more specifications ?


You need to edit file \themes\YOURTHEME\modules\blockcms\blockcms.tpl or \modules\blockcms\blockcms.tpl if the first one doesn't exit.

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Here your answer @johnwienk

In prestashop 1.5.x version the ‘Contact Us ’ link in footer section is displayed from cms block and hard coded in it. you can look to the path /modules/blockcms/blockcms.tpl

in order to remove "Contact Us" from Footer you can comment code in blockcms.tpl file on line no.(57)
it will disappear the contact link from store, please clear the cache after changes made.

If you want to modify the ‘Contact form’ then you can look to the path /themes/default/contact-form.tpl

If you want to remove/modify it, it will be good to override that files and make changes to it. That is good practice rather than making changes in core files.

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