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Is it possible to make availbe the voucher for the next purchase when the customer meets the requirements to get an voucher in the current purchase. I could apply the voucher code only for the current purchase when the custmer meets the conditions (voucher - discount 100 for the purchase of 1000). What we are looking for this , keep this voucher for next purchase by the same customer not for the current.

Can we inform the customer about thru mail along with his order information or any other methods


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Thanks calisyoda

Can u give a little more expalnation, like how to make this set up and require any thrid pary module.

No, you don't need any 3rd party module. All can be done easily from your Back Office (BO).

Here's the flow and steps to follow through:

1. Customer adds items into cart and goes through Checkout. Customer made payment.

2. You receive the order, verifies that the total invoice amount is $1000 or more (as example) and payment has been made.

3. Create a voucher for the customer.
a) Go BO >> Payment >> Vouchers >> Add new.
B) Configure all the settings/options. If it's only for a specific customer, use the To be used by: filter.
c) If you want your customer to use the voucher with just a click during checkout, set Display the voucher in the cart summary to Yes.
d) Remember to set Status to Yes to activate the voucher.

4. Create an Order Message template
a) Go BO >> Orders >> Order Messages >> Add new.
B) Draft and save your voucher notification message template. You can use it to inform your customers as and when you need. Edit the voucher code if required.

5. Send Voucher Notification message
a) Go BO >> Orders. Click on the Order ID of that customer you want to send voucher to.
B) Scroll to end of page, on left there's a clickable box New Message. Click it. You will see a drop-down menu and a textarea box.
c) From drop-down menu, choose the message template. Edit the template to customise for that specific customer and voucher.
d) Set option Display to consumer? to Yes so that your customer will receive the message (e-mail).
e) Click Send button.

You're done!

You will be able to search and check all messages sent to and receive from customers in
a) BO >> Orders >> Customer Messages page or
B)BO >> Orders >> Order ID page
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