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Done: How to edit Address form wording only (need ot change city to Suburband State to Province)


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I need to edit my address form, I just need to change the wording on the form.

City = Suburb
State = Province

Can I edit this without causing chaos to the shop and which file would it be?


Editted both Classes>address.php(code) and themes address.tpl(display)

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Hi hero, tofu,

Easiest is probably to just translate the field into another English word (city->Suburb, State->Province)


Select front office translations, choose your theme (standard 'default') and the language you want to translate to. If just other wording, but still English, click the USA flag.

Find (Ctrl-F/Command-F) city on the page and check a little bit in which block it occurs. If you see it has to do with addresses, well, just change to Suburb. There may be more "City"'s, so see if there are more to translate. Same with State.


When finished, save and Reload your page (Ctrl-F5/Command-R).


(You may need to (TEMPORARILY!!): - turn OFF your smarty cache and- 'Template cache' set to "Recompile templates if the files have been updated" in

Advanced Parameters->Performance
to see the changes. (Don't forget to turn cache back ON afterwards!)


My 2 cents,


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