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[MODULE] Private Shop - Make category or products of your store private for the customers

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Private Shop Module

Private Shop module allows the store admin to make the selected categories and products of the store private. These private products can be accessed by the customers only after creating an account. If a new user/guest user will try to access the private category/product then a popup message with login request will be displayed. After login to the store customers can browse the private products. The admin can also enable the settings so that only after admin's approval customer will get approval to access the private products.

More info and purchase here: Private Shop Module



Key features of the Private Shop Module:

1) Verify New Customer: Admin can enable the setting to verify and validate the new accounts. Only after admin's approval, the customer will be able to access the private category/products. 

2) Display message on account creation: If the "Verify New Customer" setting is enabled then the admin can display a custom on account creation.

3)  Login form customization: The store admin can customize the login form. The Private Shop Module allows the store admin to customize the login form by - Apply Color, Apply Image, and Apply Youtube.

4) Custom CSS and JS: The admin can customize the login form by using custom CSS and JS.

5) Private Shop Type: Admin can select the option to make the complete shop private or selected categories/products.

·         Complete Shop: If the complete shop option is selected then the customer can access the store only after login to the store.

·         Only Selected: If this option is selected then the store admin can make the selected category/products private. In this case, users can access the store but the private products/category can be access only after login to the account.

6) Allow IP Address: The store admin can add selected IPs which can access the store front-office without any restrictions. This option can be used for internal use.

7) Google Crawling: The store admin can disable the Google Crawling for the private products/categories.

8) Private Customers: The store admin can check the list of the private customers and if the "Verify New Customer" setting is enabled then admin can allow the customers to access the store.

Module link: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/private-sales-flash-sales/40756-knowband-private-shop.html












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The Private Shop module is now the part of the "Security Pack - reCaptcha, Private Shop, Block Spam" Pack module. The 3 modules included in the security pack are the :following:

1) Google reCaptcha:

Google reCaptcha helps the store admin to reduce the spam requests on the Customer Login page, Customer Registration page, Customer Contact Page and Customer Forgotten Password page. 

2) Block Bot/User by IP, country or User Agent:

This module allows the store admin to block the spam traffic based on the IP, Country or User Agent of the user. 

3) Private Shop:

This module is really helpful for the businesses who want to showcase their products to the customers who are already registered. Without logging into their accounts customers can not access the categories or store. 

To check the details of the Security Pack module please click on the link below:


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The simple steps to make a category or subcategory private.

1) Login to the back-office.

2) Go to the Access setting in the left navigation and click on the Access Setting.



3) Now go to Choose Private Categories. Click on the Expand All. Click the checkbox next to the category name to make it private and save the settings. 



4) Now all the store visitors who will try to access the store is required to login first only after they will be able to access that category.

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