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Best SEO - category for a Pack of products?


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Hello everyone!

I am creating several packs of products from different categories. I have a doubt (millions more, but I must choose one haha) about what would be the best SEO Url to position products in a Pack, that is, I have two categories: "CATEGORY 1" and "CATEGORY 2", each one of those categories have their own products.


I have created several products packs from each of these categories, would it be better for SEO to create a subcategory called simply "packs" so the URL would be myweb.com/category-1/packs/name-product? A subcategory called "packs-bulbs-cheap" x example myweb.com/categoria-1/packs-bulbs-cheap/product-name, or otherwise create a different category to put the products of the packs? call for example: myweb.com/packs-bulbs-cheap/led-25W

Thank you very much as always to everyone for helping me so much. a greeting.

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