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Too many H1

Petter Enge

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I am using Seobility as a measurement tool for my SEO work on Prestashop.

They report that I am using too many H1 in my text and that I should only use one.

They point out the pages that contains H1 but I am not using H1 in my text at all.

I only use paragraph.

Other SEO tools also shows the same.

When I look at he source code I don't see many H1.  Only one.

Anyone else have the same experience and how can I solve this issue which Google seems to not like ?

I am using Prestashop



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Hey Petter,

I dabble in SEO and yes Google has some insane dom requirements.

The editor inside your backoffice allow you to add text in things like description and summary to your products. Your theme is what takes that input your using paragraph for and wraps it in the h1 or h2 or h3. This is all controlled by the theme.

For instance here is a quick look at the code google reads on a shop prestashop has as a best example which for SEO is terrible:)

You can not find a single h1


This shop looks awesome, but because, I dabble in SEO, I know Google will rank it poor. Why? Because it is not following the new webmaster rules.

H1 on the page tells the search engine what the page is about

the paragraphs then tell the search engine if you know anything about the stuff in the H1 or  authenticates you as quality content. They are just about using AI to do this now.

The fact that your theme is using h1's is actually a good thing, the rules for this just changed like in June 2018?  Before that, probably when your theme was created, you could have as many h1's as you wanted cause there were used to set text size and had zero to do with SEO

Google changed that. Now your telling google this page is about ' h1' then it reads more looking for why your to be trusted... oh now this page is about 'h1' which is not equal to the h1 i already read. It then says i am done, I am leaving and they can get this fixed before I try again.

If your  theme guys are up to speed on google changes, many are not cause Programming and SEO WERE two different hats, they may have a google seo update you can buy.

The days of buying a theme and then a SEO package is over. The SEO must be coded into the theme from day 1. Yes Google is that crazy. So many sites now can not even index or rank cause of these new changes and when they are told all the code must meet the standards to show back up.. it causes a lot of anger towards google.

The net is full of stories of going from 1 st page results to no longer being found... all since June.

I know I did not solve your issue but i gave you what you need to know, Call your theme developer and see if they have a update for the Google Page Speed update as it is called. That is when all this changed and the internet as I knew it, broke:)




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Hello Jeremiah


Thank you so much for all your information.
I am amazed about all you know so thank you :-)

What is of interest here is that this is the classic theme that comes with the Prestashop.
It's not a theme from a 3rd part.

Any comments to that Jeremiah ?

I'm learning something new every day :-)




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Petter the bad thing is no one knew it was coming. It affected people who run eBay stores so badly some just stopped being able to be found at all on google.

 My sister's store was one of them. Before ~June you could google what ever the heck you wanted to buy and you were flooded with ebay and craigslist results. Now the only store that show up are the ones that paid for a fix.

For instance back then this search resulted in hundreds of ebay store.


now we get ebay parent categories.

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3 minutes ago, Petter Enge said:

Okay.....so a new theme might solve this problem ?

Only thing is that this is a page for a customer and they like this layout and have launched their webshop.

I am just working on the SEO part for them.





Well to be honest, you would have to buy a theme install it on a test environment and see what HTML 5 is produces. With this google push so fresh many themes are not ready for this.  The best answer would be to contact a dev  who can modify that classic theme to be google friendly and rewrapper it as a new name so it don't auto upgrade and break. I could do it but i am bout to move and will be offline a bit. I would recommend Prestashophereos

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For what framework? SEO tools are all built different and the target framework. The only tool that is universal at the moment is your webmaster search console which changes every 2 days:)  For our Wordpress websites we run https://www.hotjar.com/  for usability metrics not necessarily seo. Most of our SEO is done in a thing called Local SEO, or Voice Search SEO which if your an SEO guy,  you just smacked your forehead.  Organic SEO costs big $ but Local is pretty affordable for our clients, so we use a few tricks to show up in the 3 pack for them. Organic is a nightmare right now and I am not even offering it:)

I actually predict a lot of SEO companies and Theme developers having to merge to get done what google is requiring.  If you recall the old days when a programmer sat in the dark room and gave you a paper with address on it and said go seo that its done i need sleep, those days are gone. the developers have to be 100 percent involved with SEO from the first line of code.

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Thanks for the info.

I am a novice at this and read all I can about SEO to learn.  In the mean time I don't do this in a large scale but I want to learn and be good at this so that I can offer this service to clients.   So your info this evening has been more than useful for me :-)

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