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Translate field "discount" in checkout


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Hello everyone,

I'm struggling with a site with perfectly functioning 1.7.3 prestashop.

My problem is that having to perform tests for the inclusion of discount codes I realized that in the cart

on the right instead of the word "discount" I find the word "discount" and I can not find the way to translate it.

Surely it will be a trivial thing but in the translations I looked but I can not find the module where it is.

Some pious soul can help me since it will be a bullshit?

thanks a lot

Schermata 2018-10-13 alle 18.12.11.png

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Nothing? Nobody can help me, not even a moderator? I chose the cms well then ... 
I thought it was a bullshit but at this point I realize that it is useless to turn to forums that should be specific to these issues. Thanks to all those who wasted time reading the post, if I had known I would not have written.
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