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Hi everyone, hoping someone can help me please. I've tried to make a second shop in Prestashop with it's own domain name seperate from the original shop, but when trying to open the second shop I keep getting error 403, very frustrating as I'm losing possible clients until I can get this rectified.

I paid for a developer/programmer to take a look at what I had done and he found i had done the set up correctly. he did suggest that I needed to attach the new domain name to the end of the original shop to open the new one, which really defeats the whole idea of seperate shops.

Can someone tell me I wasted money on using this guy and I was fleeced or was correct in saying what he told me.

I'm now also finding an intermittent problem getting access to the back office.

I like using Prestashop as it fits my purposes but as a none developer it is a very frustrating programme to get your head around not having any computer training at my age in life.

Could someone please get me back on track to open up the new shop as I'm really considering looking elsewhere for a less stressful programme.

Thanks for reading.


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delete .htaccess for second shop...access it's back office, turn off and save and turn on and save 'friendly url' in seo&urls to regenerate

and before doing something like this you might want to ask if it's a good idea lol...

also if tech could not solve...then you looking for techs in wrong place....


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Haha, totally agree, I was let down for the want of harsher words, but when you rely on other people unfortunately the untrained never know what is right or wrong.

I posted here as I couldn't get to the forum I wanted, but that has been my experience of Prestashop everything seems so complicated although I do still recommend it to people that are looking to get a shop, however frustrating it is for people who have no knowledge of the Dark Arts. lol.

So, I have been informed by the good people of 1+1, I now need an ssl certificate that will cost me £24.00 per year, but I read this same certificate is supposed to last two years before renewal, I might be cynical but are the only people making money on this easy to use free plugin is Prestashop.

Could you let me know what is the fee I would expect to be charged to get the new site up and running please.

Thanks for the reply and your time.




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