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[SOLVED] - Can't login to admin pannel

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Hello everyone!


Everything was fine yesterday, but today I'm unable to login to back office on my website. I haven't done any changes in modules, or settings.. Well I haven't changed anything.


When I entered my admin panel URL, prestashop signed me out. I put login credentials, but the login circle is spinning and nothing happens.


Also console tab is clear.


Even after waiting 10 minutes nothing happens.

I tried entering dev mode but it doesn't show any errors..


Thanks :))

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Similar error happening to me today. Yesterday was everything fine. Today it spins forever.

When I try to login from another computer or my smartphone it works. Only from my work computer it does not log in.

What I have done sofar:

- Cleared Browser cache Cookies, History, Pictures

- Cleared the cache both from backoffice options and also ftp manually.

- Tried with IE and Firefox

I tried to read all the entries related login problem but non helps. 

Any idea about this issue?


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It's a server problem.

If you can enter inside BO (try to clear the browser cache first), disable ---> "customers expertise" module (or via ftp rename the "gamification" folder/module), clear the cache, check for errors and if OK, you'll have a more reactive BO.


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The easiest way to handle it is to temporary rename the gamification folder to something else. That will solve your problem for the moment.

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Just now, kunefe said:

Perfect it solved the problem,  Thanks Danny

If you renamed the gamification folder/module via ftp check also inside BO modules if it's disable. Enjoy the new BO speed.

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