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How to create a new order programmatically?


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Hi, I'm nor a PrestaShop programmer, and I have a problem.
I need to place a new order programmatically. How this would work; I'm writing a module to import orders from Google Merchant, but I can't figure out how to create a new order. From what I got so far I understood that I need a customer and a cart.
1. I need to check if the email is already on the database, and create a new customer if I got a new email.
2. I need to create a new cart, ok..... but I need a cart ID, where do I get this cart ID? can I just use some random number?

Thank you so much.

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cart ID's - like many numbers in Prestashop - are auto-increase values in the database.

I am not exactly a specialist in all Prestashop's functions. The core tables you need are ps_orders and ps_order_detail. Their references to the ps_customer and ps_address tables are also important. The role of ps_cart is not exactly clear to me. It plays a role when the order has not been paid. But with the payment the order is created and although this has a link to the cart it is not clear to me what role it still plays.

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