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Backoffice not loading due to prestashop.com API not responding


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Hi all,

now for the second time in 3 weeks I have a serious problem with prestashop.com API not responding when loading the backoffice-pages of serveral prestashop 1.7.4-Shops.

In detail: the backoffice is trying to fetch multiple assets (gamification images for examples) and checking for updates via the prestashop.com api. 

For some reason, the API is not responding (resulting the backoffice-page running into a timeout) or responding after several minutes, making it impossible to work in the backoffice.


so my question to the community: did any of you also run into that problem and if so, how did you resolve this problem? is there a possibility to prevent prestashop from fetching data via prestashop.com?


thanks for your answers and all the best!



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