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PerestaShop or Wordpress

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Hello friends
I hope you are fine
I have a content site and I want to launch a department store, but I have over 5000 products.
I want to launch a department store with Prestashop ; of course, my blog's section is WordPress
Is this possible?
Thanks for the advice

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Yes, It's possible.

Suppose your site URL is www.example.com then you two options.

1. Launch Prestashop with www.example.com URL & wordpress in sub directory like blog (www.example.com/blog)


2. Launch the worpdress on root directory i.e. www.example.com & Prestashop in sub directory like shop (www.example.com/shop)



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Hi there,

If you want to do the work of building out separate entity profiles and link value for multiple subdomains, go right ahead.

Google really doesn’t care whether they rank subdomains or subfolders. But if you’re maxed out on time fully optimizing one domain, let alone multiple domains, then subfolders are probably a better option for you.

WordPress + Prestashop will work well, but don't go with shared host. 

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2 hours ago, mehranonlinelife said:

thanks alot
One more question
Is it better to use a subdomain or to fix it under the main domain of the store?

If you check my site, see which one is better



Sub directory is preferred way.

For Google, Subdomain is the separate entity so you have to do SEO separately for the subdomain & main domain (Including managing the different account for Analytics & search).


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On 5/21/2019 at 11:32 AM, mehranonlinelife said:

Dear friends, I designed a site and separated the blog and store sections.
I'd be happy to comment on this issue



looks really good. Is this wordpress with with a prestashop subdomain? if so how did you get the shopping cart on the wordpress site - is that a wordpress module?

Screenshot_2019-05-25 مقالات - سنگاج.png

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