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Hello to all, 

Versione PS

I need to recall the icons but I can not figure out how to do it, I have extended my tinyMCE editor but I have not been able to add the icons, in any case I thought I could recall them by entering the code 

<i class="material-icons">..</i>


<i class="fa fa-address-book"></i>


<em class="icon-truck" id="icon-truck"></em>

but I was not successful, I tried a lot before writing but I could not find solutions that worked, the only one (the last beach) I was looking for advice on www.w3schools.com and I tried to insert the whole curiosity example code present like this and inserting it a first time correctly displays the directives SCREEN but if I give ok and after clicking again in the source code I see this and the icons disappear.
Obviously I'm doing something trivial but unfortunately I'm banging my head for a few days, I ask if anyone can recommend me which code correctly recalls the icons on a page written in html or better still some suggestions on how to integrate the icons in my tinyMCE editor . I hope I have explained myself, in any case I thank everyone who wants to participate in this discussion in advance.


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