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[SOLVED] Prestashop 1.7 ajax from tpl


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I'm trying to call a php file (from tpl file) with ajax but I always get a not found.
I have to go wrong with the friendly URLs.

In my hook tpl file I've

<SCRIPT type="text/javascript">
function setGroup() {
		url: 'modules/advancedregistration/ajax-call.php',
		type: 'GET',
		data: 'ajax=true&clientgroups='+ $("#clientgroups").val(),
		cache: false,
		success: function(data) {
		return false;

and them in my-ajax.php


public function get_group(){

In Chrome console I see the link with parameters but the code is always 404.

So, what am I doing wrong in this url? Thank you

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