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DB down with specific query


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Hi, we have a site www.scontolo.net developed on prestashop

From 26 September we have a big problem on a this qery:

"SELECT s.id_shop, CONCAT(su.physical_uri, su.virtual_uri) AS uri, su.domain, su.main
FROM ps_shop_url su
LEFT JOIN ps_shop s ON (s.id_shop = su.id_shop)
WHERE (su.domain = 'www.scontolo.net' OR su.domain_ssl = 'www.scontolo.net')
AND s.active = 1
AND s.deleted = 0
ORDER BY LENGTH(CONCAT(su.physical_uri, su.virtual_uri)) DESC"

this query lock tables and db crashed.


Can you help me???


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we have this result:

Risultato SQL

Host: localhost
Database: scontolo_ps16
Creato il: Ott 03, 2018 alle 14:20
Generato da: phpMyAdmin / MySQL 10.2.12-MariaDB
Query SQL: repair table ps_shop_url;
Righe: 1

Table Op Msg_type Msg_text
scontolo_ps16.ps_shop_url repair note The storage engine for the table doesn't support repair

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