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Problem when converting a cart with 2 products on order by code, just add 1


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I have developed a module that reads the data and adds the information to a cart

EDITO to clarify:

This cart is generated with a php file, it has been called from a CRON that reads the information by a call "curl", it is not generating the cart while visiting or using the web page.

Similar to if you read the data from a CSV -> cart -> Order

Add the new customer


 $customer = new CustomerCore();

Add the address

$address_shipping = new Address();

generate the cart

 $cart = new Cart();

Add products

foreach ($productos as $producto){
    $cart->updateQty($qty, $id_product, $attr);

It update and save, and until here everything ok, I check the cart and it is added with all products 1,2,3 or more

Valid the order associating it with a payment module and generate the order

$pago->validateOrder($id_cart, $order_status, $total_products, 'Pagado', NULL, array(), (int)$id_currency, false, $customer->secure_key);
$order = new Order($pago->currentOrder);

And here the problem,

The order only stays with 1 product, does not add the products of the cart to the order, always 1, have the cart 1,2 or more


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