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Add an invoice variable that doesn't exist


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I'd like to add the transaction id right after the payment method in the invoice.
to retrieve the data, i think i have to do something like that:

$sqltrans = 'SELECT `transaction_id` FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'ps_order_payment`
					WHERE `order_reference` = '.$order_reference;
$transact = Db::getInstance()->executeS($sqltrans);


$order_reference contains, of course, the reference of the order.
Now, the problems are:
1 - where and how can I have access to the order reference in the HTMLTemplateInvoice.php file?
2 - where and how can I create a smarty variable to store the $transact value so I can use it in the tpl file?

thanx in advance, hope someone can help me

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the first problem i'd like to solve is to create the new variable. Even if i add the code
or $smarty->assign('transact',$transact'); where $transact is a string ('hello') 

the pdf doesn't show anything if i add {$transact} in the template... 

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