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Block Newsletter – where had alerts (messages) disappeared?

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Hi Community,

Please clarify on the Block newsletter module.

once we had notifications in green rectangle appeared after a verification email had been sent:


But now it's not shown on the top of the page. Also the red one doesn't appear any more. It was shown well previously, after an email denial:


Strange, I checked code differences, can't find the reason why. Also conf of the module. 

Now the messages are present only in the input on the bottom of page:



Could someone advice how to return the messages in green/red rectangles?

PS v.

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Delete the custom tpl of this module included in your theme and I think will works, /themes/yourtheme/modules/blocknewsletter/blocknewsletter.tpl

Or do a copy from the deafult theme to your theme:

From: /themes/default-bootstrap/modules/blocknewsletter/blocknewsletter.tpl
To: /themes/yourtheme/modules/blocknewsletter/blocknewsletter.tpl

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