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combination with different taxes


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In my shop, I sell products that are grouped in different combinations, including digital and paper. Digital combinations not the same tax as paper products. Where to modify the code to allow to change the tax according to the combination? I do not want to duplicate my catalog to separate the two types of products. Thank you

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I'm also having a very similar problem.

I sell shirts that come in adult and junior sizes. Junior clothing in the UK has no VAT (tax) and adult clothing does. So my only current option is to create two products, a junior and a senior version of each product?

Now my website has over 1000 products, so to double the amount of products to solve this seems stupid....


Any ideas anyone?

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I have a customer who sells shoes. A particular shoe design has adult and childrens sizes. As chewygmb says, there are differing tax rates.

(PS version doesnt allow for differing tax rates at the combo level.

Does anyone know if there are any plans to introduce this functionality at some point.

Having to create duplicate products to overcome this is going to be labour intensive.


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