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Fatal Error - Blank Page


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Hello there,


I've came across an error on my PrestaShop store a few days ago and I tried everything I could think of to resolve it with no luck... That's why I'm here to seek some help of the forum. I'll try to explain the error the best that I can.


If you go to my website (semprein.net) everything look ok and working, when you go to a category page for the first time the category page loads just fine and you can browse the products, go back, go to a different category, etc... The problem is if you refresh the page, or go back to this category from another page on the website, the page gives me a blank page with a "Fatal Error" message (you can try with the link I posted) this happens always on the second time you try to load a category page... If you go to the page the next day it works the first time again but gives the error on the second. 

I get no errors in the logs or console... I turned on debug mode, when I refresh the page I don't get the Fatal Error but get a PHP Notice

Notice: Undefined index: id_customer in /home/pg40034/public_html/modules/blockwishlist/blockwishlist.php on line 320

Then I tried to deactivate the wishlist module... Then another slider module I have... After some fiddling arround, as I refresh the page or go there a second time I don't get the Fatal Error but some images do not load like the logo image, javascript doesn't work... Some problem persists even doing this... And I have no idea how to solve this and need help. I tried clearing caches, different browsers and devices with the same result.

This is a multistore installation of 2 stores, the other (semprein.pt) is working with no problems or errors.


I hope I could explain myself, and some of you can help me out as I have no clue how to solve this issue.

Thank you in advance, best regards!

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