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Full Width/Additional Products?


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On my index, it only shows 2 products wide even though there is clearly room to add more. I'm using 2 column (small left column) layout, and there's a huge amount of empty space on either side of my content. This happens on any size computer screen, but looks normal on mobile/tablet. Any suggestions on how to fix. Running PS with Classic Theme, no modifications.Untitled.thumb.png.ed9ad64db42c7a9328a308b22573e09a.png

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4 hours ago, MerseyRay said:

so if you remove that class from the div, or move the hook to the correct place then its fine.



I've changed themes a few times, it's possible that it's residual from one of them. Do you know what file (or module/hook) this might be under so I can delete it? I rarely make changes myself (I generally rely on modules for things). I really appreciate your help so far!

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