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Discounts by customer group and category


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I use Prestashop

I am looking for a solution that can solve my problem :

I sell books edited by different publishers to different groups of customers :

I have 3 categories of publishers : X, Y and Z
and for example 3 customers from different groups : A, B and C

Client 1 must have 40% discount for a book from Publisher X, 30% for Publisher Y, 20% for Publisher Z.

Client 2 must have 33% discount for a book from Publisher X, 25% for Publisher Y, 15% for Publisher Z.

Client 1 must have 25% discount for a book from Publisher X, 25% for Publisher Y, 20% for Publisher Z.


I had two solutions:

the first:

a - Create a group for each discount rate of each publisher :

                       X 40%; X 33%; X 25%; Y 30%; Y 25%; Z 20%; Z 15%

b - Add customer 1 in groups X 40%, Y 30% and Z 20% ;

      Add customer 2 in groups X 33%, Y 25% and Z 15% ;

      Add customer 3 in groups X 25%, Y 25% and Z 20%.

Except that a customer must be in a single main group and discounts can only be applied to the main group.


So I go to the second solution:

a - Create a group with each publisher discount:

             Discount X40-Y30-Z20 (for customer 1) with 40% discount for books in the X editor category, etc.

             Discount X33-Y25-Z15 (for customer 2) …

             Discount X25-Y25-Z20 (for customer 3) ...


b - Add customer 1 in the group "Discount X40-Y30-Z20" and put it in main group



The discounts work directly on the product page but there is no display of the discount rate or the initial price ...


I am open to any proposal, that is:

- a module that can accept multiple discounts depending on the category of products for a particular customer, and that this is not blocked by having to put the customer in a single main category (solution 1)

- A module showing the discount rate applied and the base price on the product page (and on the home page and category pages) (solution 2)

I tested this module on their back office but there are many restrictions ... https://addons.prestashop.com/en/promotions-gifts/6598-massive-discounts.html

Thank you in advance,


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