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I've just spent 24 hours configuring and entering products etc to make a website that looks good and works really well. Then I turned my attention to the shipping configuration when my heart sank!

I sell a number of items some of which are small & cheap to ship (£3.75 first item, 50p for each extra) and some of which are large & more expensive to ship (£16 each). If I sell a large item, like a 1m x 100mm roll of material I need to charge £16 but if I add some pegs to the order it doesn't cost me anymore to include them in the shipment. If I did add the shipping costs of all the extra small items, it makes the whole shipping charge too expensive. I don't seem to be able configure a suitable solution to this in PS.

What I'd like to be able to do is only charge for the most expensive item as any additional items don't cost me that much more (if anything) to ship. The extra shipping is more than made up by the profit in the additional smaller items.

Is there any way to limit the shipping charge to the most expensive item for shipping and not add the cost of shipping for any other items?

Any help in resolving this would be appreciated.





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