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Quantity per sizes attributes


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I am trying to implement the following functionality:

In product page I need to add a quantity input for every size the product have. I have been looking for tutorials but I have not found something which can help me. Also I bought a module AttributeGrid but it does not do what I need. 

I need to add this feature globally, I mean besides the product page, these attributes will appear in a custom page from my controller (a kind of product customizator) . 

To understand me better I will attach a photo with the design.

I do not need the entire code, the steps required to achive this feature are more then good, something from where I can start.I'm pretty begginer with Prestashop.


Thank you!


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What you want is basically is submitting 6 different products  as each combination becomes its own order line. There are some modules for that and I build something for my own site for 1.6. But it is not simple. Prestashop is designed that you add one product at a time. So you need to build some form that submits more than one product combination and you need to have a script that processes it.

An alternative is to use javascript. That submits then one product combination at a time.

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