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[Solved] Impossible to order - problem with ob_start()


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Hello all.

I've a problem with my current store... I just upgrade from a (I think) to the 1.3.6 version. But the problem doesn't seem to be too much related to prestashop.

The problem is... I fill the cart with one or more product. Then I try to validate the order, I log in, and when I'm on the page to select the adresses, I press next but stay on the same page (reloaded) instead of going to the transporter selection.

I analyzed what was happening... When order.php executes, the "step" POST variable contains the right value (2). But when ob_start() is executed (from init.php), then this value is lost, and there stays a "step" GET variable with a value of 1 (the referrer page). So it reloads it...

I don't really see what could be a side effect of the ob_start() method, as it should only temperate the output buffer (there is event no compression in prestahop at this level). So anyone can help me please?

Note I already tried to empty the smarting cache, but without success.

Thanks in advance.

(Même sujet en français ici)

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Ok, I finally found on y side.

There was an error in order-adress.tpl, I had removed the field "adressesAreEquals" when there was only 1 address. So I add this code for this special case :

<input type="hidden" name="same" id="addressesAreEquals" value="1" />

But if someone can still explain me why the error was such weird, I'm still interested.

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