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Error update prestashop

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  • 2 weeks later...

I got this last night. The key is in Errors red message.
Although it says your server has 128M allowed for memory, and it tried to use only 64M, the fix was to set the PHP memory limit to 512M.
This was under PHP 7.2.  Perhaps a smaller increase would work, but the error is garbage anyhow as it states there is double the required amount of memory available. From the few hours reading I spent getting the upgrade to work, uninformative errors and difficult problem tracking seem to be normal for upgrade process.

Hope this helps.


It's not looking like it is worth upgrading Prestashop from 1.6 to 1.7
Basically would have to recreate site from scratch on a clean install rather than deal with errors in migration, hopefully with ability to import existing customers intact from the "upgrade". I fully documented all original development, so it could be replicated... but...

I eventually succeeded in upgrade, I needed to set themes to default as expected. But also had to set language to en-us and remove australian english to prevent errors in updating database.
My site only has a dozen products, a few hundred customers. Only one additional module for Payment. No other third party content. Theme was an override of default, which was easily reset for upgrade.

After successful update to 7.4.2. The expected mess and need to redesign the site....
First problem, the top horizontal menu wont allow any categories to be assigned to it. 

This may be left from the 1.6 version, as the module is called Top horizontal menu, yet in clean install it is Main Menu.
In either case I cannot add existing categories in the upgraded site, either in the Top Horizontal Menu, or Man Menu modules.
My very first action since upgrade, all caching off.  It appears the import of existing categories didn't work properly, not a good sign, who knows if products and customers went well.

Seems it's not ready for upgrade if such a simple store cant migrate. I'll leave the 1.6 running, (if it's not broken, don't touch it. I don't have EU clients for privacy problems) and likely spend the development effort on a different platform.
If you need to rewrite your site from scratch, it's only worth doing on a stable, tested platform.  
My reading uncovered there's recently only four in=house developers at PrestaShop and dozens of Marketers. So it's relying on the community to fix all the problems... eventually.

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