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Back office translation Tool v1.0 stable


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I see that isn't only me who has problems with translations. Could someone make a step by step tutorial on translations?

I'm able to translate to Romanian language the whole package if I know how.

Please help to help others.


"Using ver 1.0 stable the translation in Back office Tool is still not working? When I import my language gzip, I can see that almost all is translated but if I try to add or change words and then save the new modifications a lot of the translation dissapear next time I open a section such as Fields, Modules aso. What is the problem… bug or not? Somebody has a solution?"

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I have with one of my costumer the same problem.
I importing my translation from other server. Import works fine.
Now, when I want to update translation - then I am losing most of translations.

What I discover - it can modify only beginning of translation part. In front office until my-account section. After that I am losing all information. Some thing with modules prestashop - blockmyaccount - there some fields are filled - and all other gone.

Its like some script execution time limit or something - that it can't update all translations and so its losing previous information, when it rewriting it.

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Hi guys,

I have the same problems with the translations, after i try to edit backend, frontend or the other translations pages, most of the fields go blank, and it also the whole frontend and backend translations goes broken, i see both romanian and english combined, and you read 50% - 50%.

I tried what spott said, by making the execution time to 600 ( i had it to 300 ) but still no fixing. This is very weird. Could it be a bug?

Btw, i forgot to mention that i have the 1.1 version installed.

If somebody can help, feel free to give us a hand.

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