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Tax rule per delivery address

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Hi Guys, 


I have a question - something I am not able to figure out. 

I've added all taxes in prestashop BO and marked that tax is based on delivery address

I also added all the tax rules. 

What I can't understand, what is the purpose of the tax rule under each product. Practically, we need the tax applied to be based on the delivery address so if the customer is from the US, they get the US tax rule. And if the delivery is in the UK, they get the UK tax rule. Currently if I set the tax rule in the product (UK20% VAT) - it seems that it is just fixed to this tax rule, and it is not taking to the account the customers from the US. Likewise, if i set the US tax rule under the product, if the customer in the cart put the US address, they get the correct tax, but if they put the UK address. they get 0% tax which isn't correct (they should be 20%). How do I get for this to work properly on all products based on the customer's delivery address so the cart can update the taxs correctly?

Can someone please advise. Really appreciate it. 

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