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Search not working for Numbers

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On my site I sell rings. Each ring has a specific ring size. I mention the ring size on the product title, e.g. Moonstone Silver Ring. Size 8. I do this so that my customers can see the ring size when they are in category page without having to click on each ring and go to the product detail page.
Now what if my customer wants to do a search by typing 'Size 8' to get all the rings of that size? I tested it and it does not send back any products. Looks like the search function does not take numbers. How can I figure this out?

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I am having the same problem :(

Search in BO works fine (for numbers) but FO search is not showing any result.

I'll try to overwrite the FO search with BO search see if it works... wish me luck!



I tried but end up messing the entire search function. Now i get result but my links are not working and image are not showing up.

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Guess I am another one.

I use it for my catalogue of electronic components, and as you can imagine, numbers are critical to me


E.G AC127 Or 6v 22uF


This seems an oversight of monumental proportions.


It is a pity that Prestashop admins do not reply to postings here to re-assure us that issues may be addressed in the future





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Hello there,


If you put your sizes in the 'tags' when creating your product (right at the bottom of the product creation page), they are activated in the search bar. For example, I sell clothing and add all the sizes that the item comes in, the material, manufacturer etc. I find that you have to put the word 'size' before the number but it works on my store :)


Another way is to activate the layered navigation block in B/O. This picks all the sizes, colours etc that you set up in attributes and groups. This displays them when you click on a category (you have to 'hook' it into one of the blocks). It doesn't work perfectly (I have now disabled it) but with a bit of tweaking you should be able to sort it out.


I hope this helps,




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