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Hi all, I have set up a clean to make a 100% issue free and fast plattform before I start to make our own layout and functions.

Then when we run several test software it shows that we have:

68 pages with duplicate title, 12 pages with no H1 tag, 56 pages with duplicated H1 tag and 52 pages with no H2 tag.

We also have 4 warnings at the W3C HTML validation.

Is there any solution to all this so we can fix this?


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Regarding the duplicate meta title, Prestashop is having the option to change the title of the products/categories & other pages. 

Go to edit product/categories page to edit the meta title of the pages. (Refer the URLs whether duplicate titles are from product OR category etc pages).

I believe the same thing is applicable for the h1 tags.

Regarding the h2 tag issue, I don't think there is any issue if there is no h2 tag.

You can also use any high quality theme to fix these issues. 


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If my understanding is correct, you are trying to say that combination URLs of a product is having the same h1 tags. For example:





If is its show, Then from SEO perspective there is no issue because all the above pages will have a same canonical URL (because for Google these pages are single page).


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