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my shop redirect and slow to load page how can i fix it

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Hi Mubashir.

Well for page speed test you can use free tools like gtmetrix.com which shows you what parameters are most important and also effects on your load time. I think one of most important is compressing images. your images are not compressed so Page Size is up. and then i suggest you to change number of items in product/brand/Instagram sliders to reduce Requests. And also i think there is an problem with .htaccess file. So you have to regenerate it (make a backup before deleting it.)

Best regards.

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Your total HOME page size is "10.7MB" which is way to much, on average it should be 1-2MB. You should scale down the quality of some images, specially your SLIDER images, which count for 0.5MB each. You should as well put your site on Cloudflare so it caches your images.

You have 30 products as NEW products, limit that to 10. As well limit the "WOMEN FASHION - NEW ARRIVALS" products. Less images faster load time.

You have 110 requests, that's what it's trying to load, keep that to 60 on the HOME page.

To point out your product list module doesn't work so well, when clicking "SALES" or "DATE ADD" it doesn't show anything. BTW it should be DATE ADDED.

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