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[SOLVED] [PS 1.7] Get product's categories in ProductController


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I am trying to make some custom changes to breadcrumbs so I'm trying to edit the getBreadcrumbLinks() method in ProductController.php.

What I need is to get IDs from more categories than just the default one. The code which is in the current code is:

$categoryDefault = new Category($this->product->id_category_default, $this->context->language->id);

How can I achieve that? I tried to add a new element in the ProductControllerCore. An array which would take the necessary IDs from Product.php in the init() method. But that didn't go well and I've ran out of ideas how to do it properly.

I would appreciate any help,


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Use getCategories() function of the product class to get the all categories of the product like

$categories = $this->product->getCategories();

& after that loop through each category using the function which you mentioned to get the name & other details of the categories.

$categoryDefault = new Category($category_id, $this->context->language->id);


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This is not working for me i have tried


$allcat = $prestashopProductClass->getCategories();

            foreach($allcat as $catdata){
                $categoryDefault = new Category($catdata, 1);


any thoughts on this ?

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