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really big password problem :(


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i gave my password and log in for cpanel to someone on the live help, they got a bit shirty with me so i changed my password just in case in cpanel. It changes the mysql password too. So i went into my prestashop and changed the database password so it would link. But it doesnt.

I cant log into cpanel with my new or old password and my site just says "Link to database cannot be established."


please please help me, ive had so many problems with my set and i was all set for it being sorted and then this happened.
Ive submited a help support ticket to my hosts aswell but im worried now.

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How did you update your PS DB password in your PS installation?

The best way to ensure the change was successfully implemented is to check your /config/settings.inc.php file.

Log in using FTP and view/edit this file... you will see a few lines of code that should be straightforward. Just modify (if you need to) the parameters of those lines to match up with your DB name, password, etc.

Also, make sure you are using the right password... try logging into mysql using your db user and db password for your PS db (using phpmyadmin or the command line).


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