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[Solved] Date format in back office


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Hi to all
I added the product date added in file \tabs\AdminProducts.php

After :

>                </pre>
<table cellpadding="5" style="width:100%;">'.$this->l('Name:').'';
       foreach ($languages as $language)
           echo '            
                               <input size="55" type="text" id="name_'.$language['id_lang'].'" name="name_'.$language['id_lang'].'"
                               value="'.stripslashes(htmlspecialchars($this->getFieldValue($obj, 'name', $language['id_lang']))).'"'.((!$obj->id) ? ' onkeyup="copy2friendlyURL();"' : '').' onchange="updateCurrentText();" /> *
'.$this->l('Invalid characters:').' <>;=#{} 
       $this->displayFlags($languages, $defaultLanguage, $divLangName, 'cname');
       echo '[removed]updateCurrentText();[removed]

added :

'.$this->l('Added :').' '.htmlentities($this->getFieldValue($obj, 'date_add'), ENT_COMPAT, 'UTF-8').'

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