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Get the orderprice with product-list.tpl on the search page as on the category page


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I have Prestashop

I did a {$product|@var_dump} on the foreach loop of the product-list.tpl and I looked on the category page for each datas of the products listed. On those datas, there is the "orderprice" (pre-tax retail price on the back-office): 

["orderprice"]=> string(9) "31.700000"

When I look at the search page for the same products with the var_dump, there isn't the orderprice, how do I add this variable to the search page layout ? I always thought the search and category layout had the same variable. Where is the controller I need to modify? I couldn't find it.

I know there is the price_without_reduction variable available on those pages but for some products, it isn't the same as the order price and the order price is what I need.



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13 minutes ago, PrestaRalph said:

Maybe debug with {debug} directive?

Thank you for the answer. I've already tried that to but the variable isn't on the search page.


And I've just noticed that the orderprice is also missing on the manufacturer page because it includes the product-list.tpl. (I don't use the supplier.tpl, the prices-drop.tpl, the new-products.tpl and the best-sales.tpl).

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