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Pretty Url not robust to title change

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I bought the addon pretty url



I found the urls are not robust to title change, contrary to the classical id-title treatment in prestashop.


For instance: The original url from prestashop is



if I change the title of the category to piluliers plastique france, the new url is


but the old url still works


This is nice because I can keep updating titles without my clients having broken links in the email I sent pointing to the old version of my website.


With pretty urls, we loose this robustness, there is a 301 redirect from 




but if I change the title of the page, to piluliers plastique france, the new url in pretty url becomes


but the old url


is broken.


This is a big issue for our sales department which sends many quotes per day and we cannot afford links to be broken. I have thus deactivated this module. Is there a way to make pretty url robust to url change like the original prestashop treatment (using the category id in the background ?).





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Yes, by buying an alternative and try before you buy next time. We came across the same issues which the author is not interested in fixing.

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